World's apart

Worlds Apart


A being from outer space
Was on a cosmic chase
To match the rhythm of a heart
That he felt from galaxies apart
Thus he left on an endearing quest
To get everything off his chest

He wished to recite his heart’s story
About his world in all its glory
A world out there in the skies
Where Eden garden lies

And one day,
Two spirits from different worlds
Met and with hope, a story unfurls

His eyes couldn’t embrace
The encounter of her gaze
It was like a heavenly sign
As if stars aligned in a line
Spellbound by her grace
He lost his voice to praise

With a promise of a la la land
He tried to reach out his hand

Suddenly, everything blacked out
As time and space withered about
Only when he saw the reality fade
He realized they were in a parallel space

Still worlds apart!


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