Love Forever

Till Kingdom Come


Well whatever happened, happened for a reason
Some feelings won’t just wear off with seasons

Cosmic serendipity brought yang to yin
Into the bottomless abyss, thus life dove in

Just a flicker, the heart fragile and paper thin
Fell into pieces and it didn’t break even

Now finding at loss on what to believe in
Drowsy n’ beat but shit scared of sleeping

Afraid of dreams that might creep in
Of a serene soul that once seeped in

Still, till kingdom come, he’ll carry her within
Wide-awake moving on this wheel of life revolving


2 thoughts on “Till Kingdom Come”

  1. Vishnu Omanakuttan

    Finally, nice to see somebody with a flair in writing
    And this is no advertising!

    Amazed I am at your talent
    Times are tough and since you speak your thoughts and mind freely, I’ll call you gallant!

    Contents of your site are not that hocus pocus
    Since understanding these needs some focus!

    You truly are a linguaphile
    Since by reading these, I forget everything bad that has happened erstwhile!!

    Hope that you’ll forgive me for any mistakes which may have crept in while writing
    As the very thoughts that these verses would be read by a linguaphile gets me into frighting!!

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