Man in the making - Aberrance

Man in the Making


Shawty, it’s about a man in the making
And a life that’s out there for his taking
Chasing a story with gold and glory
Holes and holy well to be less lonely
Hoary, for he felt sorry for being whorey
Fine me if you find these lines phony
Honey, if you relate, great it’ll be thorny
Or else spineless whine of a cornless corny

Wrote what I caught as my thoughts fought
Wrought a lot, still, dot dot… dotless drought
Naught nada nothing to note, nothing to gloat
Gotta plot a lot to find just one spot for this GOAT
Hot red-hot ramen in my head, stop I’m fuckin’ fed
Up with meeting my ends which ends up dead
Heads up I’d rather be dead now than be another
Subpar greyhead in deathbed weeping for the reaper

I admit I was in a vacuum within my darkroom
Trying to seat my feet in others’ shoes’ no excuse
And as I chose to cage my insecurities in a closet
I was lost, locked in n’ left with a loose neck noose
But rose-tinted memories were all a lost cause needs
At times when grasping at straws and flimsy reeds
Held me together under the rain n’ thunder’s reign
Trusting the seeds I’d sown both in words n’ deeds

Hey mister the world’s bloody sinister n’ Imma sinner
Err is to be me human who killed his way to the heaven
I’m no angel nor lucifer crucified for the deadly seven
But off the seven point seven billion, am I even a good one?
Hmm hum this might sound like umm rant dumb
Ho hum voice of people in drains, dregs n’ dump
Numb as they come from beyond the flattering filters
Glitter n’ glam, where hustle’s real, fun n’ joy the fillers

So pull back n’ peek a panic attack of a big blown crack
Quack croak cry of a hunchback, out of his whack
With a throat lump bigger than a boulder on his back
Weighing on a heart that’s chronically homesick
Click-clack boom thoughts like 9mm headshots fired
And tired connecting dots shattered yet silly inspired
By a few indistinct and distant dreams and desires
Reaching ’em is my sole resolve until this Life retires

Now I’m waving goodbye to a past that passed by
And the feet drift to a road less traveled by
Although the eyes find them seemingly strayed
But my heart says, “Leave it, let the way decide”
So, this is a story of a man’s legacy in the making
And about a life that’s out there for his taking
See if you relate, great it’ll be a complex melody
Else willy-nilly, it’ll come out as a confused medley


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