male feminist poem

He for She?


To the boys,

It’s not about breasts n’ vagina
Rather a bit of humanity huh
Show some decency not dicks duh
Who even wants to see that bruh?

If you’re out on midnight stroll
No one’s gonna rape your soul
Not the case if it’s a lady or doll
Even men get defiled by testosterone

If you’re working the same as her
Take the pay in the same dollar
With merit, if she leads, you follow
If you don’t, you’re stupid n’ hollow

She cares for the man she likes
And it might not be you, yikes
Just let go of grudges n’ gripes
You ain’t the Tarzan of the apes

Babes aren’t there to offer babies
It’s her choice to be a mommy
When she does, be a caring hubby
And a good daddy, that’s all matey

No he for she, in her space let her be
Breathin’ free outta burka of society
Read her stories of Mary, Aisha n’ Draupadi
Just not through the lens of patriarchy

Idk feminism
but I reckon its close to humanity
A realization of individuality and treating the other person as equally important life and not as a commodity.

Quran: verses 4:34 and 33:35
Bible: verses Galatians 3:28, Hosea 4:14
Manusmriti: Chapter 3, Verse 61, Chapter 9, Verses 2-4, 9-13, 18, 74

For ages in the books written by men, we read their interpretation which is somewhat like — God, created two sexes, both equal in his eyes.
But, now as we know, there are more sexual variations. And just like that maybe just maybe the interpretations were biased or incomplete or even inaccurate. Also, why God has to be a he?
Who knows, right?


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