Stuck within my skin Some sacred sins spin While I muse in my mellow blues I’m all loose letting my worries snooze The whiskey falls free on the rocks To open locks of my closed pandora box And the night witnesses my soul on fire as I smoke up my burning inner desire Only a shadow follows the …

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इश्क़ की ताबीर

इश्क़ की ताबीर (Hindi)

जस्थुजू वो नहीं जिसमें मंज़िल हो जज्बा वो नहीं जो पल भर का हो ख्वाब वो नहीं जिन्हें लिए तुम सोते हो ख्वाहिश वो नहीं जो आसानी से मिलती हो लम्हा वो खास नहीं जिसमें उल्फत ना हो फितूर वो नहीं जिस खातिर तुम फ़ना ना हो बदनसीब है वो जिनका इश्क़ समय के साथ …

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Poetry on Insomnia


Whilst light sleeps into the night I let go of my dreary day’s fight Floating free upon the waves of the mat I shush my mind picturing this and that No more untangling the messy knots The night’s free from my fussy thoughts If I’m unsure of the day being wrong or right I just …

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Nirvana wallpaper


Someday, this smile will crack Light in my eyes will turn dark Someday, death will hold my finger My blood and bone will quietly linger To lady death, I would’ve to yield my trust And lie within the blanket of dirt and dust But before then, before my hair shades gray I’ll swim beyond the …

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Night Owl

Hey mirror mirror on the wall I see the reflection of an oddball An itty bitty excess of self indulgence An onset to his eventual decadence In a drop of this ocean, he drowns Choking in a breath he barely owns From the grim abyss, he aims heights Forth a long haul of fall and …

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You are on a rocket aimed for distant stars. You propel to the skies overcoming the gravity of life that try to drag you down. But the thrust of self-motivation pushes you up. You realize each second you’re burning oxygen and it takes hell lot of oxygen to fire up. You also need the escape …

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Ain’t war hell?

Sitting on a couch, having pot Simpletons playing plan and plot This is a game of chess Not an emotional express Audience crying attack or defense For them, it’s just a mindless mess Players play but it’s the pieces’ plight Losing lives ain’t delight, how is it alright? In the words of Bertrand Russell, “War …

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