You are the God’s afterthought A flick of his finger created a lot But it still missed what he sought Order and meaning leads to naught They follow the books they wrote They breathe to live it dot to dot So he slid you into the recipe To make his creation fun and free Be …

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You are on a rocket aimed for distant stars. You propel to the skies overcoming the gravity of life that try to drag you down. But the thrust of self-motivation pushes you up. You realize each second you’re burning oxygen and it takes hell lot of oxygen to fire up. You also need the escape …

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Life 3.0: Age of AI

[metaslider id=”711″] My take on Smartphones and technology increasingly relying on AI for evolution. These days AI is the trending topic in tech. You see brands sticking this term to anything and everything. But AI isn’t something new. For instance, the Neural Network system was born in the 1940s. But, in recent years, every company …

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