Emo Blues

Mental Health Awareness

Into the Jungle

Hey, I can’t tell how deep I’m in. I mean,I’ve been unmessing the mess I’ve beenBut at times I feel like I’m in a dense greenTrekkin’ within with no sense of direction “Oh, but why?” They ask. They always ask…because they don’t understand, I guess. It’s simple — we are all wired differently, and even …

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Stuck within my skin Some sacred sins spin While I muse in my mellow blues I’m all loose letting my worries snooze The whiskey falls free on the rocks To open locks of my closed pandora box And the night witnesses my soul on fire as I smoke up my burning inner desire Only a shadow follows the …

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Poetry on Insomnia


Whilst light sleeps into the night I let go of my dreary day’s fight Floating free upon the waves of the mat I shush my mind picturing this and that No more untangling the messy knots The night’s free from my fussy thoughts If I’m unsure of the day being wrong or right I just …

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Ain’t war hell?

Sitting on a couch, having pot Simpletons playing plan and plot This is a game of chess Not an emotional express Audience crying attack or defense For them, it’s just a mindless mess Players play but it’s the pieces’ plight Losing lives ain’t delight, how is it alright? In the words of Bertrand Russell, “War …

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What If

What if I stake it and still don’t make it and end up being someone who didn’t quit What if I’m just a blip in the universe like an odd word misfit in my own verse What if I become seasoned to my inner screams and get crushed beneath the weight of my dreams What …

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Is it like a ticking grenade Or a way of devil’s crusade? Is it the voice of cracking teeth Or stress compressed beneath? Is it a sighful smile’s aftermath Or heatwave from smoldering wrath? Is it like boiling blood within nerves Or an uproar of patience in reserves? Does it start with an itch within …

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World's apart

Worlds Apart

A being from outer space Was on a cosmic chase To match the rhythm of a heart That he felt from galaxies apart Thus he left on an endearing quest To get everything off his chest He wished to recite his heart’s story About his world in all its glory A world out there in …

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Love Forever

Till Kingdom Come

Well whatever happened, happened for a reason Some feelings won’t just wear off with seasons Cosmic serendipity brought yang to yin Into the bottomless abyss, thus life dove in Just a flicker, the heart fragile and paper thin Fell into pieces and it didn’t break even Now finding at loss on what to believe in …

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