Being Me

Nirvana wallpaper


Someday, this smile will crack Light in my eyes will turn dark Someday, death will hold my finger My blood and bone will quietly linger To lady death, I would’ve to yield my trust And lie within the blanket of dirt and dust But before then, before my hair shades gray I’ll swim beyond the …

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Night Owl

Hey mirror mirror on the wall I see the reflection of an oddball An itty bitty excess of self indulgence An onset to his eventual decadence In a drop of this ocean, he drowns Choking in a breath he barely owns From the grim abyss, he aims heights Forth a long haul of fall and …

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While scripting this story, there are times when I’m stuck in the middle of some lines. I’m clueless about what to write next. There have been times when I felt like dropping the pen or putting a full stop to the story. But then I take a break to gain some clarity. And pretty soon, …

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word weaver

Word Weaver

Uno dos tres, seconds till I leave By then, I’ve gotta a life to weave I’m a host to a lost ghost May lose it all, but I’m never lost Mind’s not damaged, just cracked n’ high Got no limits, I’m gonna shoot to the sky I don’t pray nor fear the one above He …

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Average Joe

Average Joe

Hi, do u see me? No..oh You’ll find me far below Drifting with time’s flow Trying hard but still slow There’s something I want you to know That would melt your heart like snow But in this busy life’s show You would hardly notice me yo ‘Cause for you dear, I’m just an average joe …

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In this universe filled with galaxies, While drifting through his fantasies, He stumbled into souls like rare stars Who released him from his solitary bars While he stood still and saw time flew Leaving the picture of his life dull and blue There were some in both peace and strife Like the missing pieces in …

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Plain Paper

In life too short n’ world too fake, I’ll be fair With nothing to lose nor gain, I’ll be rare When I present my candor, would you trust n’ care? Or succumb to the insecurities you bear I do dare with nothing to spare, I swear I’ll be blunt with too many thoughts to share …

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