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An Endlessly Exciting Girl


To express endlessly exciting
Dear words, he is inviting
You to land in rhyming
To etch a beauty in writing

I have held time by its throat
You have the liberty you sought
Have a taste of my thoughts
Free my feelings laced in love knots

Ahead, thus the words marched headstrong
To the home of my heart, they trailed along

Then they tried to stir the blur to confer
What I prefer, what do I like about her?

I first echoed my favorite reply “I.D.K.”
Then I said, if I may, if I had my way, I would say

She is tempting like the hook of a song
Where melody and rhythm muse to belong

Her smile, breathtaking as the seamless skies
It feels like a bliss that sailed across several lives

Her lips, soft and tender like red rose petals
A kiss would feel like when the sun meets the sea and settles

If you’re close do gaze at her browny eyes
You would see the space where a riddled star lies

A look of her simply slices my heart a little
Crumbling my crimson heart, soft and brittle

Her hair falls on the elegant curves of her neck
Via the valleys behind the seashell ears onto a speck

Yes a speck like the dark spot of the moon
With a glow which would swoon in my rune

If only I had it my way, I will endlessly draw the “Endlessly Exciting Girl” with such distorted details. But words always vaporize and my memory isn’t loyal. I believe my words won’t fail me this time and I would immortalize a mortal forever in my words.

Thus, letters are landing and words are whipping into shape something special, something endlessly exciting.


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