I'm a Word-Weaver

In my verse, I’ll be stitching words
Exquisite n’ sharp like deadly swords
Craving for a surreal symphony
Blended by eons of burning agony
Surging within the skull sized hell
Intending to cast a mystical spell

Yeah I admit I’m a full-blown addict
Not of any drinks or cigs lit
But betwixt tech n’ music, my mind’s split
Not just any shit, it gotta be legit

Let me tell you why music is muse as well as medicine.

While I watch a movie, I disconnect and dive into that world. I sit back, have a good time and learn a thing or two.

So, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on whole movies as well as particular scenes. Nah, it won’t be a review or rant. But, a fan appreciating an art-form.

As a tech enthusiast, I keep myself updated on latest and greatest in the tech world. So, I’ll be writing articles on unique and disruptive technologies, which piques my interest.

 So hop on! 

An admirer of life and science wondering about the
the existence of the Universe, who thinks most of our daily problems are an overrated ordeal.

Why only Earth? Or, is it? Why are we in it? Are we alone in this vast cosmic space? I’ll be scribbling on these themes.


The aberrant corners of my mind